Follow the Dextro DXO roadmap and stay on top of what's to come.

  • 2018 2Q

    Approximate date 6/30/2018

    Rebuilding DEXTRO (DXO)
    Formation Project Core Team
    Relaunch Official Website
    Release Roadmap
    Release Whitepaper (In Progress)
    Organize Community
    Datacenter Partnership
    Reset MNO

  • 2018 3Q

    Approximate date 9/30/2018

    Design DXO Future
    Expand Community
    Testing DXO Hosting Service Beta
    Coin votation inside Platform
    Favor partnership with "good" and "active" coins
    Remove low profit or "inactive" coins

  • 2018 4Q

    Approximate date 12/31/2018

    Launching DXO Hosting Automated Service
    Marketing Partnership with other coins
    Release DXO Community Donation Program
    Get listed on more Exchanges

  • 2019 1Q

    Approximate date 3/31/2019

    - Launching WEB STAKE WALLET Concept
    Referral Program to attract investors
    Quick Exchange
    Investors Ranking
    SEO improvements
    Content Marketing

  • 2019 2Q

    Approximate date 6/30/2019

    Reset / Swap node
    Branding DXO
    Website bugs correction

  • 2019 3Q

    Approximate date 9/30/2019

    Website Language Management
    System bugs correction

  • 2019 4Q

    Approximate date 11/30/2019

    Improving systems
    Scaling network and services

  • 2020 1Q

    Approximate date 3/30/2020

    Preparing marketing network with banners on platform
    Preparing marketing with other coins

  • 2020 2Q

    Approximate date 6/30/2020

    Developing staking pools

  • 2020 3Q

    Approximate date 9/30/2020

    Upgrating coins to dip003

  • 2020 4Q

    Approximate date 11/30/2020

    Testing staking pools
    Developing Simple Trader Bots

  • 2021 1Q

    Approximate date 3/31/2021

    - Launching Simple trader bots
    - Developing Android Dextro Platform